Harley Davidson Facts

A True American Motorcycle Legend

Harley Davidson motorcycles have become am unshakeable icon in American culture. With their humble beginnings in 1903, their climb to the top of the motorcycle industry is a shining example of the American Dream. This may be the reason this American favorite has amassed such a fiercely loyal following around the world.

William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson began their journey in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 with not much more than a blueprint for a bicycle. The first Harley product had pedals, a tomato can for a carburetor and a 116 cc engine on a bicycle frame. The two men would look back on the “power cycle” attempt as a learning experiment. Their much improved second generation attempt would be the first “real” Harley Davidson motorcycles on the market. Continue reading “Harley Davidson Facts”

The Importance of Regular Motorcycle Maintenance and Care

People love riding motorcycles. It can be a thrilling and exciting activity any day of the week. If you’re a person who has a penchant for these incredible two-wheeled vehicles, however, you have to understand exactly how they work. Motorcycles are extremely powerful. They’re not like standard bicycles. They, because of that, require a significant amount of routine upkeep and maintenance work. If you’re a motorcyclist who wants to keep your vehicle efficient and reliable for as long as possible, you have to treat it with proper care and respect. People who neglect their motorcycles often experience negative consequences. They often have to take care of costly professional repair and replacement services. They occasionally have to deal with the stresses of full motorcycle replacement as well. Replacing a motorcycle can be highly time-consuming. It can also cost a considerable amount of money. Motorcycles don’t exactly come cheap these days. If you want to make a strong motorcycle purchase, you should never focus on the most inexpensive options that are in front of you. You should focus instead of optimal safety. Safety is all that matters on the road.

Vital Motorcycle Components

Part of looking after a motorcycle properly is understanding its most essential parts. It’s just as important to understand the vast world of motorcycle accessories as well. The vital parts of a motorcycle include its fuel tank, air filter, oil filter, engine, drivetrain, Continue reading “The Importance of Regular Motorcycle Maintenance and Care”

New Suzuki Motorcycles Are Great On The Road

You deserve to have a nice time on the road when you are riding, but you cannot get that until you are on the right bike. This is where the new Suzuki motorcycles that you use come into play, and it is a time when you can easily make sure that you have something that will make riding fun. You need to be on a safe bike that has enough power for you, and you also need to make sure that you are going to use a bike that will be fun for someone to ride on with you. Continue reading “New Suzuki Motorcycles Are Great On The Road”

New Releases In Motorcycle Technology Drive Enthusiasts Wild

New Releases In Motorcycle Technology Drive Enthusiasts Wild
Ah the thrill of the road. New motorcycles touting sleeker design and greater efficiency have enthusiasts chomping at the bit for their release. Some major manufacturers well known to the market such as BMW and Harley Davidson have already released their motorcycle magic for the year. Other manufacturers like Indian Motorcycles and Hero Motocorp are still in the development process with photos of their prototypes being tossed around the internet. Continue reading “New Releases In Motorcycle Technology Drive Enthusiasts Wild”

Best Online Motorcycle Store

Having been a volunteer starter at the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials held on the world famous Bonneville Salt flats, I am well aware of the importance of investing in the best motorcycle parts available. An inferior part is more likely to break possibly costing you a world record, an experience you do not want to happen. Over the years I have witnessed this unhappy occurrence on more than one occasion where hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars invested were ruined by a part failure. Continue reading “Best Online Motorcycle Store”

Top Dual Sport Motorcycle Exposed

New dual sport motorcycle riders are a diverse group. Some are completely new to riding motorcycles, and some may have many years of experience under their belts. Nowadays there are many dual sport bikes on the market to choose from. You can get a specific model that best suits your needs and driving skills. Whether this is your first dual sport motorcycle or fifth, there has always been some big names in the industry that have the best product that will fulfill your needs. If this is your first dual sport motorcycle look for something, that is practical. Find a dual sport motorcycle that is fun to drive and won’t break the bank. You want something that is versatile enough to allow you to explore different types of terrains. After you have learned the ropes and feel comfortable handling the bike, you can always upgrade later on to the bike of your dreams. Kawasaki and Honda have always been fighting neck to neck in the motorcycle industry. Which one is the best bike that will give you what you need and still be dependable? Continue reading “Top Dual Sport Motorcycle Exposed”