New Releases In Motorcycle Technology Drive Enthusiasts Wild

New Releases In Motorcycle Technology Drive Enthusiasts Wild
Ah the thrill of the road. New motorcycles touting sleeker design and greater efficiency have enthusiasts chomping at the bit for their release. Some major manufacturers well known to the market such as BMW and Harley Davidson have already released their motorcycle magic for the year. Other manufacturers like Indian Motorcycles and Hero Motocorp are still in the development process with photos of their prototypes being tossed around the internet. But what is a motorcycle without power? There are many innovations being made to motorcycles to make them more powerful and intelligent. Here are some interesting picks for new motorcycles that are getting a lot of buzz in the headlines. Motorcycle lovers rejoice this year as there is much to be excited about in the way of new design and innovation.

The buzz around BMW’s new bikes

Indo-German company BMW Motorrad has revealed the new R nineT Scrambler. The bike was named to commemorate the 90th year of the organization. The bike is reminiscent of the production style of bikes from yesteryear. With a nostalgic and simplistic style, the bike is paired with a modern chassis and the latest drive technology. A classic boxer engine provides impressive propulsion to this offroad bike. Over 1,792 R nineT bikes were recalled in 2015 due to obscured rear turn signals.

However, BMW has reached out to bike owners involved in the recall in order to get them rear turn signals with longer arms. The recall affects bikes manufactured between November 2013 to January 2015. Owners are encouraged to call BMW customer service. The manufacturer has also unveiled the G 310 R at the 2016 Auto Expo. The bike is agile and easy to maneuver with a 313cc engine. This is the first bike that BMW Motorrad has manufactured outside the country of Europe. The Anti-Lock Brake feature is included as a standard, whereas some bikes offer this as an option.

Harley Davidson engine advancements

Harley Davidson has recently releases three new versions of the Milwaukee-Eight engine. The new engines created by the 114 year old manufacturer are named after their hometown in Wisconsin. The engines are Milwauke-Eight 107, Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107, and Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114. The engines are available in the classic look of the Electra Ultra Glide Classic to the Road King to Ultra Limited Low.

The Milwaukee-Eight design gives the bike a 10 percent increase in torque. The design also includes four valves per engine, making combustion more efficient. All of the engines have a single camshaft. The internal counter balancer has been added to reduce vibration. The new knock sensor allows riders to have a lower idle speed at 850 rpm. The capacity of the bike to charge devices has been increased by 50 percent. This is likely due to riders needing the extra power for their devices during longer trips. Riders of the new bike will enjoy the increased acceleration of 8 to 12 percent.

New Bikes From Indian Motorcycle and Honda

Indian Motorcycle is bringing their brand back to the AMA Flat Track Circuit according to Gary Gray, their Product Director. The first Indian race bike produced since 1953 will hit the tracks soon. Racing is a big part of the legacy of Indian Motorcycle, so they’re proud to be back with the Indian Scout FTR740. The new bike has a 750cc V-Twin engine and a very light carbon fiber body. The bike combines legendary Indian Motorcycle design with modern technology to create this new racing model.

At the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show Honda unveiled the CBR250RR bike. This bike is intended to be the upgrade from the CBR250R. The bike has a sleek design with a 249.7 cc eight valve engine. The bike is matte black with stacked LED headlights. The CBR250RR is definitely a bike made for sports performance. The seat has a height of 790 mm, making this a bike that many people could ride. The seat has been designed with a narrow front so that cutting tight corners at high speeds is easier to do. Honda’s new motorcycle is making it’s way to Indonesian dealers first to be released.

The best of Hero Motocorp’s smart technology

Hero Motocorp is stepping into Honda’s 125 cc territory with the release of the new Super Splendor motorcycle. The brand will also be launching the 150 cc Hero Achiever. The brand has new i3S technology which shuts the bike off when it is idle for more than a few seconds. The clutch lever gets the bike going again.

This is a feature that might come in handy when waiting in traffic or at stop lights for longer periods of time. The prototype has a drum brake on both wheels, analog speedometer, and thin tires over five spoke alloy wheels. UM Motorcycles is planning to manufacture motorcycles in India. The bikes will be created from imported motorcycle parts from all over the world.

There are a plethora of new bikes being developed and showcases at motorcycle shows across the world. Depending on the motorcycle, riders can expect to hit the road with these new releases anytime between now and 18 months from now. Smart technologies are being incorporated into the bikes to make for a more efficient ride. Regarding style, there is something new being released that would fit the style of any rider, classic or modern. Intelligent designs are being incorporated into the manufacturing of the bikes so that riders can cut corners better.

Each manufacturer is striving to make the ride more enjoyable by making improvements with the release of each motorcycle. What drives you crazy about motorcycles, the power or the style? Perhaps it’s the powerful squeals and rumbles coming from an engine that knows no mercy when it comes to speed. Even the most tricked out bikes begin with the basics. When it comes to racing, after choosing a bike with a great foundation, you can add layer upon layer of sweet features to intensify your ride for competition.

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